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Thursday, 4 July 2019


The present is the revolutionary time of computer technology. Most of the works depends on computer application. The traditional student attendance includes all the hassles of roll calling and very time consume of the students as well as teachers for conducting the classes in the department. The process is very boring and very time-consume of the students as well as teachers. So, a new approach will be needed to handle this process. This motivates us to design a reliable system for student attendance. The Biometric Identification Systems are widely used for unique identification of humans, like students, mainly for verification and identification. Also, the use of biometric features in student attendance management system is a secure approach. A biometric system can be either an 'identification' system or a 'verification' (authentication) system. Several biometric features are used for user verification. These are DNA Matching (Chemical Biometric), Ear(Visual Biometric), Eyes (Iris Recognition and Retina Recognition), Face Recognition (Visual Biometric), Fingerprint Recognition (Visual Biometric), Gait (Behavioral Biometric), Signature Recognition (Visual/Behavioral Biometric), Speech and Speaker Recognition (Auditory Biometric ), etc. Designing and developing a student attendance system based on fingerprint recognition manages records for attendance in the departments Computer Science, Cross River University of Technology will be hassles-free, accurate and save valuable time of students as well as teachers for conducting the classes.
An automated system eliminates the need for paper tracking and instead makes use of barcode badges, electronic tags, touch screens, magnetic stripe cards or even biometrics (fingerprints, retinal scans and facial features). This makes life easier for both the employee and the business as work hours are logged automatically when the employee enters and leaves the office. This eliminates the possibility of timesheets getting lost or manipulated. It also saves a lot of time for the payroll department since automated systems usually have integrated reporting functionalities which take care of most of the pay processing. Several types of automated attendance systems are available, such as, Radio Frequency Identification Cards Based Attendance System [1], Barcode Attendance Tracking System [2], Smart Card Access Control Attendance Systems [3], Punch Card Based Attendance System [4], Magnetic Stripe Card Based Attendance Systems [5], Biometric Attendance System [6], etc. Biometric time and attendance system has brought more precise system to measure group or individual’s activities and attendance as well. This includes the addition of the different options; such as, Fingerprint Based Attendance System [7], Retina Based Attendance System [8] and Face Recognition Attendance Systems [9]. In this project work, fingerprint-based attendance system has been introduced for automatically monitoring and calculating the student attendances in a class.

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