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Thursday, 4 July 2019


Chapter One
Most institutions of higher learning require monitoring of student class attendance as required by various regulations. Managing student attendance during lecture periods is a challenge. It is difficult to prove attendance of each individual using signatures. For this reason, an efficient attendance management system was designed. Student Attendance Monitoring System using fingerprint recognition is a biometrics-based comprehensive attendance management system for colleges. It provides robust, secure and automated attendance management for students.
Biometrics based technologies are supposed to be very efficient personal identifiers as they can keep track of characteristics believed to be unique to each person. Among these technologies, fingerprint recognition is universally applied. It extracts minutia- based features from scanned images of fingerprints made by the different ridges on the fingertips. Through the Rapid Application methodology, the system was developed iteratively using prototypes. Each module was tested separately and the final product tested in a class attendance scenario.
The Attendance System manages to successfully capture student’s fingerprints and record their attendance status in a database. The results showed improved performance over the manual attendance management system.
The present is the revolutionary time of computer technology. Most of the works depends on computer application. The traditional student attendance includes all the hassles of roll calling and very time consume of the students as well as teachers for conducting the classes in the department. The process is very boring and very time-consume of the students as well as teachers. So, a new approach will be needed to handle this process. This motivates us to design a reliable system for student attendance. The Biometric Identification Systems are widely used for unique identification of humans, like students, mainly for verification and identification. Also, the use of biometric features in student attendance management system is a secure approach. A biometric system can be either an identification system or a verification (authentication) system.

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