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Thursday 15 March 2018


C#.NET Window’s Based Biometric Employee Clocking Software Module plus Source Code for Developing and Integrating DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader / Scanner with C#.NET Windows Application.

Employees use the biometric clocking system to clock ‘in and out’ simply by pressing their finger onto the scanner of the clock. Computerized biometric employee clocking system is an automated process that verifies workers identity and captures employee traits with high speed (in one second or less) with high levels of accuracy. Computerized biometric employee clocking systems that are well managed are crucial in the overall performance of any organization. An effective computerized biometric system should address attendance timing, employee identification, and payroll computation. An effectively implemented computerized employee clocking system should lead to more accurate employee attendance records, eliminate the practice where employee clock in and out for their colleagues ‘buddy punching’, more authentic identification of workers, and more accurate payroll computation for workers, which leads to happier and productive employees.
Biometric fingerprint clocking systems will give you accurate attendance information and prevent employees buddy clocking.
  1. Fingerprint clocking technology eliminates any possibility of your employees clocking each other in/out 
  2. Robust and reliable clocking in system with proven fingerprint reading technology
  3. Printable attendance registers in the event of an emergency.
  4. Monthly/Daily reports.
  5. 1hr free software setup
Key Features
1. Fingerprint Registration module (for fingerprint enrolment)
2. Fingerprint Verification module (for fingerprint authentication)
3. Fingerprint Identification (for extracting and matching fingerprints template)
4. MSSQL back-end database.

To use this Windows Fingerprint and Integration Module you will require one / any of the following Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanners

1. DigitalPersona 4000 Fingerprint Reader
2. DigitalPersona 4000B Fingerprint Reader
3. DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader
4. DigitalPersona 5100 Fingerprint Reader
5. DigitalPersona 5160 Fingerprint Reader (This device does not work with Windows 64 bit Operating Systems)
6. DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader 

Development Environment: Visual Studio 2010
Language - C#.NET
Database - SQL Server 2008
DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader SDK
Business Entities SDK

Admin Module
-       Enrollment
-       Report Generation
a.    Monthly Report
b.    Daily Report
c.    Staff Individual Attendance Report
d.    Staff Records
e.    Print Module
-       Update Records
-       Delete Records
-       Add New Admin

Employee Module
-       Fingerprint Verification
-       Fingerprint Identification
-       Clock In
-       Clock Out

Welcome Page

Clock In Page

Clock Out

The Fingerprint REGISTRATION module allows you to capture employee personal information during fingerprint enrollment. The developer can add more input values as they please or modify the current input values to what suits the application they are integrating with.

Employee Registration Page

Fingerprint Enrollment Page

The Fingerprint VERIFICATION module has two provisions for confirming a SUCCESSFUL Person Authentication and FAILED Person Verification.

Fingerprint Verification/Identification

1. Message Notification: A Message Prompt gets displayed informing you of the Status of the Verification.
2. Verification Results Data View Fields: These View fields give the employee access to clock in and clock out, and it shows you the Particulars of the Person that has been biometrically identified or the Status of the Biometric Verification Process.



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