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Thursday, 4 July 2019


Chapter one
1.1 Background of the study
Student academic attendance is very important since it will affect the students from gaining knowledge and skills as well as their grades. This project has related about the student attendance system through the matching of their fingerprint to confirm their attendance. The main purpose of carrying out this project is to develop a hybrid student attendance system for which desktop-based application is developed to obtain the attendance of student by fingerprint and post/review the attendance results using web-based student attendance system. As we know, there is one and only one fingerprint occurs in the world for each person which will never has duplication. So, fingerprint attendance system can be known as the best authentication to detect the individual student attendance record. In addition, according to the technology nowadays, it is not unusual anymore to take the attendance of students through their fingerprint. Nowadays, most universities and colleges are still using the traditional attendance system which requires student to sign on a piece of paper every time they attend a class throughout the whole semester. Using the traditional attendance system, we can obviously see that there are few problems such as it will be no backup for the attendance records once the lecturer accidentally lost the attendance sheet, course mate help those who did not attend the class sign the attendance which also known as buddy-signing as well, hard in analyzing and tracking student performances based on attendance factor, student lack of knowledge and skills due to the poor attendance in attending classes, and etc. It is important to overcome these problems since it will help in improving the academic performance of students as well as the teaching environment of the lecturers. Hence, the purpose of carrying out this project is to prevent unwanted situation occur and to find out the problems that causes these problems as well as find the solutions to overcome these problems. Thus, through the problems analyzed, the objective of this project is to develop a desktop-based and web-based fingerprint student attendance system in recording their attendance effectively in every class in order to prevent student skip classes. Next, the developed system will provide the report generation regarding to the student attendance in order to assist the lecturer/staff in analyze and tracking the student attendance. By implementing the developed system, lecturers will no more facing the empty classroom every time while they are lecturing in front the stage. Other than that, student will not be able to ask their buddy to sign for them anymore since the system requires their fingerprint to prove their attendance in the class. In addition, it will be easier to evaluate and analyze the student performance based on their attendance since the system will record the attendance more accurately and efficiently with minimum possible error. Furthermore, student academic performance will increase as well since they cannot fake their attendance through the developed system which means they have to attend all the classes in order to prevent them from get bar. Last but not least, the system have includes several modules which are attendance module, email module, report module, fingerprint module, schedule module, lecturer module, student module, and etc. in order to ensure the system can help in improving the student attendance as well as provide the accurate and efficient information regarding the student attendance. As a conclusion, using an electronic based system is better than using a paper-based system in order to collect, process, store, and produce the attendance results and perform long-term analysis.

1.2 Motivation and Problem Statement
1.2.1 Motivation
The motivation to develop this project is to solve some problems that are currently occurring in every college/universities. This project purpose is to improve the current paper-based traditional attendance management system that is still in use by many colleges and universities. From the observation, most of the problems found are normally caused by the use of traditional attendance system in these colleges and universities. Therefore, a fingerprint-based student attendance management system will be developed in order to solve these problems. The system is believed will be needed in order to improve the ways the colleges/universities in managing their student’s attendance. Since most of the colleges/universities still using the traditional attendance system, so, a bold assumption is made which most of the problems faced by these colleges/universities are almost same. In addition, this project will be able to reduce the workload of every lecturer in key-in the student’s attendance records to the system at every end of trimester since this system will record all student’s attendance accurately and automatically in every classes attended by students throughout the whole trimester. Besides that, students have paid the colleges/universities in order to gain knowledge that helps them in building up their future career. Therefore, every colleges/universities must provide the responsibilities in ensuring their students will really attend all the classes for the subjects they had registered.

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