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Wednesday 15 July 2015

The One Shoulder Dress Trend

The one shouldered dress otherwise known as the asymmetrical dress is great both for the day and the night, as well as for showing off your body. Here some fashion tips you need to always look stylish!
What is more sensual than showing off your shoulders in a provocative but not excessive way? Well, the one-shoulder dress is back in trend and what better time to try it than now. Great for the day and perfect for night, sexy and classy one shoulder dresses are a great tool for showing off your body. But they can be a tad bit tricky to wear. Before thinking about wearing them, here are a few things you need to know about accessorizing and styling them in order to pull them off glamorously.

Try it on before buying

These types of dresses have a beautiful neckline that unfortunately does not suit every body shape. It’s particularly tricky if you have big breasts, so when you try it on, make sure it fits and flatters your body.
Be careful with your underwear

Wear these dresses with a strapless bra underneath. Even though some regular bras have fancy straps, with sequins or pearls, it will look awful under a gorgeous one-shoulder dress. Also make sure the bra does not show in the back. It’s an unforgivable fashion mistake.

Don’t cover up

An absolute no to layers! The whole point of this type of dress is to show off your gorgeous shoulders so there is no reason at all to cover them up with blazers or cardigans.

Wear in a solid colour

If you don’t feel particularly comfortable with this trend, maybe because you have never worn it before or you don’t think it really suits your style, don’t go for a patterned dress but one in a solid color. To spice it up you can then play a bit with accessories

Belt it

The secret weapon of every stylist is a belt that accentuates the waist and really flatters your body. It’s particularly indicated for one-shoulder dresses as it will give you a sexy hour-glass shape and no one will be able to resist you.

As a day dress

One-shoulder dresses are perfect for day outings as they are good for a casual outing. Get them in bright colors and go for a floor length on. Wear them with a pair of flat sandals or some colorful strappy wedges.
As evening wear

For a glamorous grand soirĂ©e, you cannot go wrong with a full gown, but if you think that it’s too much, go instead for a short dress embellished with sequins.

The right jewellery

The best solution is to go for simple accessories. Absolutely no necklaces as they would interfere with the beautiful neckline of the one-shoulder dress, which is already a fashion statement by itself.

If the dress is already embellished with sequins or gems, just go with a few small accessories so to not overdo it. If on the contrary, the dress is very simple, you can choose a pair of statement pendant earrings, especially if your hair is styled in a bun.

Go for rings and bracelets as well but don’t exaggerate it. One elegant bracelet will be more than enough. If you want to go for a more exotic look, try to style it with a metal arm cuff.

The right hairstyle

Any up do will complete an outfit with a one-shoulder dress perfectly. Choose a tight chignon for an elegant and sophisticated look or a soft bun for a sweeter touch.

If you would like to keep your hair down, make sure that they lay behind your exposed shoulder and in front of your shoulder with the strap.

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