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Thursday 4 November 2021

Online Tailoring Management System

Online Tailoring Management System

Chapter One: 1.0 Introduction

Online tailoring management system is a system aimed to assist in management of tailoring activities within the industry. It will provide online services to customers such as: measurement submission to their tailors, check whether their garments are finished and also help in proper keeping of records. This will ensure availability of right information, information safety, easy storage, access and retrieval. The study aims at building a computerized tailoring management system that would be more effective and efficient than the existing manual system 

1.1 Background information

Tailoring has been known to be dominated by unlearned people. It has been seen as a profession for the drop outs in the Kenyan systems and elsewhere. Tailors use traditional manual systems to book in their clients. The clients have to travel to location of the tailor shop to get their measurement taken. These measurements are written on papers or books.

This method pose a high threat in terms of security of their information i.e., can get lost, unauthorized people can easily access the information, data confidentiality and integrity not maintained. No proper backups and the system is tedious.

Online tailoring management system will solve all these problems and automate the tailor shops and enhance accessibility irrespective of geographical locations provided there is internet.

1.2 Problem Statement

Currently customers have to walk to the tailor shops to get their measurements taken for the tailoring of their garments. Their details are taken and kept on papers. Customers too need to move from their offices to go and check for the clothes whether there complete or not. This is time consuming and costly. Due to the manual systems in use, the whole process tends to be slow. Customers too have no prior information on cost of netting their garments.


1.3 Proposed Solution

The proposed online tailoring management system will eliminate all these manual interventions and increase the speed of the whole process. The system will allow customers to register online and successfully submit their measurements.

The system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. The customer can login to the system to check on the status of the clothes for collection. The system will show the already completed garments for clients to collect. The system also provides information about the cost of each garment the customer intends to get knit. This data will be stored in the database for further reference or audit.

1.4 Proposed Project Title

Title of the project is clearly stated, i.e. Online Tailoring Management System

1.5 Project Objectives

Automate the current manual tailoring system and maintain a searchable customer, product database, maintain data security and user rights.

To enable customers to send their measurements to their tailors for their clothes to be made.

To provide information about the cost, the fabric type, the urgency at which a customer wants the dress finished, the type of material to be used and quantity in terms of pairs needed.

To compute the total cost depending on the selected fabric, type of material, quantity and duration and avails that information to the customer.

To enable report generation: it is able to give a report of finished garments to the clients for collection and bookings made, administrator is able to view all the customers and their details, finished garments and all the bookings made.

To create a data bank for easy access or retrieval of customer details, orders placed and the users who registered to the system.

1.6 Justification

Online Tailoring management system will break the geographical barriers and bring the whole process into a quick and easy way to access tailors. It will automate the traditional tailoring system into a modern computerized system. This will enhance data retrieval, storage and security. It is also cost effective since it will cut down on travelling cost to get your measurements taken and also going to check if your clothe has been made and is ready for collection.

The clients can access their online tailors 24/7 and at any location provided they are connected to the internet. 

Due to the advancement in telecommunication e.g. undersea cabling, internet accessing speed is expected to double as the cost reduces. This will make this system more efficient to use and offer a competitive edge in the market.


1.6 Scope

The Online Tailoring Management System will permit to register and deliver measurements to the tailor for the next process to follow. 

It also maintains clients’ information and generating various reports about the tailor shop. The main users of the project are clients and system Administrator.

It also enables customers to check the status of their garments i.e. if ready or not for collection. The system provides information about the cost, the fabric type the customer want his/her dress knit from, the duration a customer wants the dress finished, the type of material to be used, quantity in terms of pairs needed and most importantly, the system computes the total cost and avails that information to the customer.

However, online payment has not been achieved, but the customer is expected to pay either via mobile money transfer services like Fluterwave, Paystack or cash when they come to pick their clothes.


1.7 Risks and mitigations

1.7.1 Risks

Some of the risks and threat that can affect this project are:-

Hosting – some host may be unreliable

Security risk – hackers and virus attack 

Time – not able to complete the project in time

Cost of resources – not having adequate budget


1.7.2 Mitigations

Look for reliable people/company to host your program.

Use of security measures e.g. firewalls to protect from unauthorized people.

I will ensure that project schedule is followed for the project to finish in time.

Ensure that the required resources are available and within my budget.

1.8 Monitoring and evaluation

It was done by weekly meeting with my supervisor. I was able to report the progress and challenges encountered. I also worked and highly appreciated on changes recommended to improve the quality of this project to this level of standard.

Online Tailoring Management System

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