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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment and Verification Module in VB .Net Source Code

Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment and Verification Module in VB .Net Source Code

Biometric Fingerprint Enrollment and Verification Module in VB .NET Source Code for Developing and Integrating Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader/Scanner. Employees use biometric system to verify their identity simply by pressing their finger onto the scanner. Computerized biometric fingerprints system is an automated process that verifies workers identity and captures employee traits with high speed (in one second or less) with high levels of accuracy.

Key Features

  1. Fingerprint Registration module (for fingerprint enrollment)
  2. Fingerprint Verification module (for fingerprint authentication)
  3. Fingerprint Identification (for extracting and matching fingerprints template)
  4. SQL back-end database.

To use this Fingerprint and Integration Module you will require one or any of the following Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanners 

  1. Digital Persona 4000 Fingerprint Reader 
  2. Digital Persona 4000B Fingerprint Reader
  3. Digital Persona 4500 Fingerprint Reader 
  4. Digital Persona 5100 Fingerprint Reader
  5. Digital Persona 5160 Fingerprint Reader (This device does not work with Windows 64bit Operating Systems) 
  6. Digital Persona 5300 Fingerprint Reader 

The Fingerprint VERIFICATION module has two provisions for confirming a SUCCESSFUL Person Authentication and FAILED Person Verification.

1. Message Notification: A Message Prompt gets displayed informing you of the Status of the Verification.

2. Verification Results Data View Fields: These view fields show the Particulars of the Person that has been biometrically identified or the Status of the Biometric Verification Process. 

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Fingerprint Capture and Enrollment

Fingerprint Capture and Enrollment

Fingerprint Data Capture

Fingerprint template ready for Verification

Fingerprint Verification and Identification