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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# Source Code

Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# Source Code


Using biometrics for recording your employees time and attendance is by far the most accurate and cost-effective solution available. Time & Attendance Systems using Fingerprint clocking reader.


A biometric time attendance system is a perfect way to accurately manage employee attendance and control access into and around your premises. Using our latest solutions, you’ll notice the benefits quickly.

1.    Employees do not need to carry cards around in the workplace.

2.    Removes the problem of employees forgetting their cards/fobs.

3.    Removes occurrence of ‘buddy clocking’ with employees clocking each other in or out.

4.    Only Fingerprint templates (code) are stored, and not actual fingerprints (employee security).

5.    Security- Removes the risk from lost or stolen card (access control).

6.    Improved technology now makes biometric devices suitable for many industries.


An online biometric fingerprint system for attendance record keeping helps you to address attendance issues seamlessly. It gives employers the opportunity to make accurate assessments based on employees’ absenteeism. With Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System, you can enjoy a host of benefits below.



Save time: Have a single point of reference to check all your attendance records for your entire organization. No need to have multiple records.

Ensure data safety: Compared to old-fashioned paper records that may be lost or destroyed, your attendance records are safe; and available on the cloud securely.

Eliminate record-keeping errors: Absences and presences, all precisely kept in record. 

Easily share data, whenever you need it:  Make updated absence records instantly available to respective personnel (administrators). No need to physically visit each office, to find out who’s missing. You can do it from home, if you need to!

Work on attendance data, in retrospect: Easily compare data per employee or office. Use your findings to further improve your administration process.



1. Fingerprint Registration module (for fingerprint enrolment)

2. Fingerprint Verification module (for fingerprint authentication) and attendance

3. Fingerprint Identification (for extracting and matching fingerprints template)

4. MySQL back-end database.


To use this Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# and Integration Module you will require one / any of the following Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanners

1. DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000 Fingerprint Reader

2. DigitalPersona U.are.U 4000B Fingerprint Reader

3. DigitalPersona U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader

4. DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Reader

5. Digital Persona U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader (This device does not work with Windows 64-bit Operating Systems)

6. Digital Persona U.are.U 5300 Fingerprint Reader


The most valuable benefit is, you are able to assess this data later. It gives administrators all the information they need to make further improvements, on scheduling or keeping everyone well informed. The same data can also help employers engage in insightful discussions with employees; in order to find personalized solutions that serve their specific needs.



Compulsory employee attendance, easily administered Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# makes employees’ attendance supervision more manageable, as compared to handwritten documents. It allows organizations enjoy some peace of mind. Especially, knowing they are meeting attendance regulations and comply with compulsory attendance laws.


Robust and reliable clocking in system with proven fingerprint reading technology

Printable attendance registers in the event of an emergency.

Monthly/Daily reports using date range.


Development Environments: Notepad++, Visual Studio Professional 2017

Languages – PHP, C#

Database – MySQL

Hardware: DigitalPersona U.are.U Fingerprint Reader.

SDK: MySQL Connector, DigitalPersona, Business Entities.


The Cost for this Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# Source Code is way below what you would pay to Hire a Contractor Software Engineer / Senior Software Developer to Code this Entire Full Module for You.


We are helping you Save immensely by Cutting Down on Software Development Costs, Contractor Software Developer Hiring Costs and Software Development Time.


Grab this Online Biometric Fingerprint Employee Attendance System in PHP MySQL and C# Source Code Now!


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Delivery: Email

Price: NGN 50,000 || $120

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Employee Registration List - Biometric Fingerprint Attendance
Employee Registration Report

Fingerprint Enrolment - Biometric Fingerprint Attendance
Biometric Fingerprint Enrolment


Attendance Report List - Biometric Fingerprint Attendance
Attendance Report

Employee Registration


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