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Thursday, 23 January 2020


1.1   Background of the study
 This project is to develop an inventory management system for managing different types of inventory and this system falls in the area (domain) of management information system. According to Laudon, k.c. and Laudon JP (2004), an information system can be technically defined as a set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process store and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organization. In addition to supporting decision making, coordination and control, information system may also help managers and workers analyze problems and visualize complex subject. According to Davis (1985), defines an information system as an integrated user machine system for providing information to support operation management and decision making function in an organization. whereas O’Brien (2002), defines an information system as unorganized combination of people, hardware, software, communication networks and data resources that collect, transform and disseminate information of an organization.
According to Richard.L (2007), management information system is a computer based system that provides information and support for effective managerial decision making. The management information system is supported by the organization’s operations information systems and organization databases (and frequently databases of external data as well). management system typically include reporting system, decision support system, executive information system and group ware. 
In a nutshell management  information system can be defined as asset of interrelated components that collect ,retrieve ,store ,process and distribute information to support decision making ,control, coordinate, analyse, problems, operations ,management and visualization which also include people data records and activities that process data and information in an organization. Therefore the benefit of the system is to manage and process transaction which include; easy record keeping, easy information accessibility,
Bomah hotel a private organization   located in the upscale areas of Gulu, Plot 8 Eden Road PO Box 931, Gulu near Gulu Referral Hospital in Gulu district, Uganda. It accommodates customers’ worldwide provide them with different services. Bomah hotel offers services like catering services for wedding functions, venues for conferences, restaurant services and accommodation services. More to that Bomah hotel has centralized department which is the receptionist department that is responsible for conducting all customer affairs in the hotel including accommodation f clients.
The clients booking for accommodation, conferences, and wedding services are given a registration form to fill for bookings which requires the client to provide personal information.
While computers are an ideal mechanism for routine transaction, processing managers have soon realized computers’ capability of performing rapid calculations and data comparison which can produce meaningful information for record management. A fully structured hotel may rely on a cross platform comprising of both restaurant and hotel services. This means a gradual increase in loss incurrence due to poor records keeping, misuse of available stock at hand, inaccurate accounting and book keepings.
An inventory management facility can thus be deployed as a potential tool and mechanics for managing as well as keeping track of input/output assets, cash inflows and outflows and basically all the transactions that are taken within the hotel vicinity. 

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Currently, the hotel is having problems in managing the existing stock that is used as input. Difficulty in allocating, controlling, managing and directing the usage of the available resources within the hotel premises.  As a result, this has led to accumulation of losses in both the short and long run, misallocation of the available resources and above all unexpected expenses without a defined positive profit margin
Bomah hotel has got problems due to the way they handle their businesses. The hotel incurs huge losses daily due to miscalculation and mismanagement of resources for example the accountant has a lot of work which is done manually and therefore not effectively completed for example taking records of food consumed and the issuing of resources sometimes the receptionist also fails to fully account for the client’s needs like breakfast, lunch, and dinner because he/she is concentrating on paperwork and documents.
Our hotel inventory system will ensure that all the hotels services and goods are indicated for both the accountant and receptionist to use. The accountant will have all the stock  available with in the hotel stone indicated down so that the hotel does not run out of stoke which limits services. The system will compute all the items sold and get the price income of the day. For the receptionist the system will indicate all the available rooms and resources for the clients which will enable he/she to budget for the charges per clients stay and fine for those who miss use the rooms.

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