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Tuesday, 6 August 2019


1.1 Background of the study
Guidance Program has become an integral part of the overall educational program. With the basic assumption that all students need direction in their personal, educational, and career planning, it has become the instructional responsibility of the guidance counselor, administrator and staff to provide the students the specific knowledge and skills required to address the needs (Arevalo, 2009). One of the important services offered by CGIS is their Guidance Service.  It is geared to assists the students achieve maximum development of their potentials academically to enable them to be functional, work oriented, productive and self-directing individuals. The Guidance Center helps the students understand their strengths and limitations and to enable them to adjust to their social and emotional life to the fullest. It offers the following services which is given by the guidance personnel: individual counseling and administration of Intelligence Test (IQ). An important aspect of the Guidance program is the fact that some students need special assistance in dealing with developmental problems and immediate crisis. With this teacher and other staff who are in direct contact with the students require assistance that can best be provided by the guidance program. Guidance program moreover is based on the belief that all students, including those with challenging needs have the right to benefit from effective instruction to ensure optimal development.
The Manual system of career guidance is being phased out. It’s quite tedious, time consuming, less efficient, more prone to error and inaccurate in comparison to computerized system. A manual-based system will see information recorded and kept in different ways such as in files in the paper form. While a computer based information system will see data stored on various computer programs including on databases, Word documents, Excel. Both types of information system are designed to help a business carry out its daily running and operations.

The Mawo International Secondary School Guidance Office has been using the manual processing of guidance information for monitoring student’s information for more than two decades now. With the increase in student’s population in the school, the guidance office must devise means in maintaining a reliable and accurate data. They also suffer from a very time-consuming retrieval of student information for academic purposes. With the above problem, the researcher proposed a system called MISS Guidance Information System (MISS GIS). It is a software application for any junior secondary educational establishments in Nigeria to manage and monitor student’s data. This system is designed to provide capabilities for managing student’s information, such as Intelligence Test.
The school has not implemented any application regarding organizing files or records of the students, so, as a researcher; I would like to create one for the school. The system developed will concentrate on the Guidance Office to make the management of student’s records be a lot easier to retrieve, efficient, less time consuming and reliable without sacrificing quality.
This research work “Career Guidance information system” is geared towards selecting class type for candidates in SSS1.

1.2 Statement of the problem
The problem associated with the existing system are;
      i.        The number of students admitted into secondary schools especially Clemo International Secondary School that need counseling are   very enormous and few counselors cannot cater for their needs effectively.
     ii.        It is always very easy to forget information about students and to reach all the students, contributes another problems.
    iii.        Another           major   problem           of         the       career counseling is information storage. The mode of storage of information observed from the students in different forms is not reliable and consistent thus makes the counselor to apply guess work in trying to guide students in their future aspiration.
Also, there is a problem of delay in decision making on the future career of the students as a       result   of             referencing      to students information.

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