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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Land Information System Source Code ASP .NET C# Source Code

Land Information System Source Code ASP .NET C# Source Code
Land Information System project is a web based application which is implemented in ASP .NET C# platform. The design Computerized land information system assist the prospective buyers to ascertain the ownership and availability of the property.
The present system keeps information on Land size, Land location, Land owners, and Land use information. The methodology adopted for this project is the Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM), the new system Guide buyers on how to buy land and who to meet.
The problems with the existing system are:
              I.        Poor record keeping of lands and their owners.
            II.        Access to land information proves difficult that most times people are defrauded due to lack of land information. 
           III.        Illegal sales of lands without the consent of the owner are very common.
          IV.        Valuation of land for the purpose of paying tax to government is not achieved. Hence there is need for computerization of land information system.
Project Title: Land Information System Source Code
Type of Project: Website/Web Based Application
Technology: ASP .NET C# Language
Database: SQL-Server 2008 as Back End

Price: NGN 5000 
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