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Friday, 7 September 2018

Integrating actions of perception to the electric field approach

Integrating actions of perception to the electric field approach
The Electric Field Approach, EFA, is a heuristic for behavior selection for autonomous robot control. This thesis deals with the problem of using the EFA as a heuristics for the perceptive behaviors. The integration is done by extending the EFA with having three electric fields and each having its own probes and charges. The extended EFA was tested in the RoboCup domain. Keywords: Autonomous robot control, Electric Field Approach, perception
Background What a robot does, for example moves forward, can be seen as a behavior. Essentially there are three types of behaviors. The navigational behaviors are mainly concerned with moving the robot. Manipulative behaviors are when the robot moves an object. With perceptive behaviors we refer to the behaviors which are associated with locating landmarks and other important objects, used for navigation and for manipulation. If the robot is moving in a room it is important that the robot knows where the walls and other possible obstacles are located in order to maneuver appropriately. Also if the robot is designated to move an object it is also important to know where the object is located. We assume that objects may move without the robot knowing and also that the robot may be moved to a different location while operating, we refer to this as a non-deterministic environment. Such an event would cause the robot to act strangely if the robot did not re-acquire the location of the objects. Locating the various objects is done by using perceptive behaviors, from what the robot perceives a representation of the world it is located in, that can be created, or updated. With this representation the robot is more likely to perform its respective duties accurately. In short the perceptive behaviors are essential for the navigation and manipulation behaviors to operate correctly. We will look at how the Electric Field Approach, EFA is structured without the perceptive behaviors, what properties this have, and why we would like to integrate the perceptive behaviors to the EFA. We will also conduct a series of experiments of the EFA where we evaluate the integration of the perceptive behaviors to the EFA.

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