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Tuesday 2 November 2021

Crime Record Management System using Fingerprint Verification

Crime Record Management System using Fingerprint Verification in C# MySQL Source Code

Crime Record Management System using Fingerprint Verification is a biometric application system that is used to record crime activities of criminals. It can be used to report criminal activities. This project is mainly useful for law and enforcement agencies. The law and enforcement authority can preserve records of the criminals and search for any criminal using the fingerprint system. It is a standalone application with a database system in which police will keep the record of criminals who have been arrested. We have used Visual studio as the development platform, C# as the programming language and MySQL to develop this system.


We have also used biometric fingerprint verification and identification to find a criminal’s record from the database. The project's interface is very user-friendly and helpful for the authority.


We noticed that when a group or society is formed, the people make some rules and laws, for the people and to the people. However, the purpose of these rules and laws are to give a peaceful life to all who are living in the society. Whenever any law is violated by anyone, it is said that crime is committed and who break that law is called criminal. To have a peaceful life we need a well-organized law enforcement system. In Nigeria, have very good facilities in the law enforcement sector. But, due to lack of amenities, some works cannot be done in a very good way.


In recent years, as a result of the universal rise in application of computers in various aspects of life, desktop and laptop applications such as Microsoft Excel were adopted, thereby causing the approach to become both manual and considerably computerized in Nigeria. However, this method of record keeping results in inconsistencies, slow, inaccurate, wastage of disk space and poor control and management of data.  The proposed crime record management system using fingerprint verification enhances the crime recording operations of the police force. The data used by the Biometric Fingerprint Crime record management system is stored in a centralized database, which holds information about criminals, crimes and users of the system. The database is the basis for all actions in the system and can be easily updated and used to aid in all of the system’s processes, that is, all of  the  required information  is stored  in  one central location  and  thus  is  easily  accessible.  Furthermore, the correctness of the centralized database will allow functions.

Robust and reliable database system with proven fingerprint reading technology

1hr free software setup


Key Features

1. Fingerprint Registration module (for fingerprint enrolment)

2. Fingerprint Verification module (for fingerprint authentication)

3. Fingerprint Identification (for extracting and matching fingerprints template)

4. MSSQL back-end database.


To use this Biometric Fingerprint and Integration Module you will require one / any of the following Biometric Fingerprint Reader Scanners

1. DigitalPersona 4000 Fingerprint Reader

2. DigitalPersona 4000B Fingerprint Reader

3. DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader

4. DigitalPersona 5100 Fingerprint Reader

5. Digital Persona 5160 Fingerprint Reader (This device does not work with Windows 64 bit Operating Systems)

6. Digital Persona 5300 Fingerprint Reader


IDE: Visual Studio 2017

Language - C#

Database - SQL Server

Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader SDK

EmguCV and OpenCV SDK

Business Entities SDK


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Crime Record Management System using Fingerprint Verification

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